Smooth Business is Better Business

A small business owner today has to be a marketing wiz, customer service expert, and many times, an accountant, not to mention reserving cherished time for family! To throw an IT malfunction in the mix would add to the chaos thus delaying day-to-day business tasks and productivity. Business owners should consider having their IT and technology services outsourced for several reasons, including:

Life Gets Simpler

Spend less time worrying about IT and more focusing on your business. When you choose to outsource your IT to JFG Inc, our managed services work as an extension to your business.  Through proactive monitoring and support, our team detects and resolves problems that arise – often before there is any impact to your business.

Manage Work Efficiently

JFG specializes in managed services that work to automate day to day operations, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency .  From real-time monitoring, automated backup systems, and disaster recovery, JFG manages these time-consuming, yet neccesary processes without disrupting your work day. Many times, maintenance and issues can even be performed and addressed remotely.

Eliminate Paperwork

When it comes to teaming with  IT specialists, JFG is your one stop shop. In addition to their managed services, JFG can also aid in your business’s migration to the Cloud. While keeping hard copies of certain documents is pertenant, in many instances, business practices of today have adopted digital copies as one in the same. For more benefits to moving to the cloud, visit: 3 Ways Moving To the Cloud Benefits Your Business.

Less Downtime

JFG provides preventative measures and proactive maintenance.  We assess the needs specific to each business and put measures in place to ensure that if issues arise, the downtime will be minimal.  With JFG’s managed services in place, our team has the ability to retrieve your data and swiftly get your busines up and running again.

We strive to make life with technology easier for all business owners.  Outsourcing IT services can save you the headaches and heavy financial burdens that often come from a technological mishap. Let JFG help you today and get you prepared for tomorrow.