3 Ways Moving to the Cloud Benefits Your Business

Recent projections show companies will continue to transition to the cloud in record numbers in 2018.  Smaller companies are leveraging cloud solutions to gain a competitive edge over larger corporations.

Research firm Forrester released a list of 10 predictions showing a growth trend in cloud computing that is expected to continue, including advancements in security. It is likely, by now, you have used some version of cloud-technology. Perhaps you’ve used MicroSoft One-Drive or Google Drive for functions like document-sharing. New support services and advancing technologies are making it easier for small to mid-sized companies to adopt cloud tools as part of a larger growth strategy for the coming year.

Here are 3 reasons small businesses are taking on the cloud and why you should consider it, too:

Cost Benefits.

When implemented well, moving your company to the cloud can reduce costs by 15 to 30 percent. A significant portion of upfront costs can be attributed to training, but the barrier to entry is minimal in terms of expense.  Additionally, flat monthly fees for services designed to fit your specific business needs produce both long-term savings and predictability in managing expenses.

Speed Benefits.

Smaller businesses can access capabilities leveraged by larger companies without the hassle of building out huge internal structure. Rather than creating the support frame yourself, which has historically been very time-consuming, it can be provided for you quickly.

It can also be adapted quickly.  Due to the scalable nature of cloud services, changes for demand can be addressed in a nearly real-time manner to adapt to your business needs.

Efficiency Benefits.

The cloud is simply good for business. It gives your team access to assets you make available to them whether they are at their desk in the office, working form home or out in the field at a job site.  This is especially useful as more management teams are offering telecommuting work arrangements for employees. Cloud computing services allow for the consolidation of work centers without compromising scalability. Cloud-based services grow with you and keep you up-to-date.


Emerging technologies are no longer out of reach for smaller companies or smaller budgets. You can level the playing field with JFG’s trained team to provide the support system your business needs.  As you review your 2018 strategies, remember that you can leverage same cloud resources other businesses are utilizing.  Cloud computing will continue to get better, faster and more secure – all while minimally impacting your bottom line.  If you’d like to know where your company can benefit from additional cloud computing and cloud-based business services, call us.  We’re here to help technology get simpler for you.