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Business IT Consulting

Business IT Consulting

Understanding your business model, operations and goals, we work with you to develop and implement solutions that balance costs and benefits to reduce stress, improve efficiency and save money over time. Consultations can include:

Network Health Assessment  •  Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery  •  Cloud Consulting  •  Document Management  •  Telecomm Consulting  •  IT Security Audit  •  IT Procurement  & Budget   •  Fixed-Price IT Solutions  •  Scalable Solutions

 Network Infrastructure

Cabling a new building? Adding phone systems or IT upgrades? JFG can help with the infrastructure planning and installation to support your company’s current and future demands.  Infrastructure can include:

Voice/Data Cabling  •  Patch Panels  •  Phone/VOIP Systems  •  Wireless Network Installation  • Technology Relocations



IT Infrastructure
Business IT Consulting

 Business IT Procurement

Take the guesswork out of what features, system requirements and specifications are needed for your business hardware and software.

And when it comes from JFG, it’s unpacked, configured, software installed and updates applied… you’re ready to roll.  And you can be confident that your purchases are well-suited for their application.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

With SaaS, you are able to license the software you need on a subscription basis, and run it from a secure centralized IT environment.  This eliminates perpetual update purchases and shifts cost, management and risk away from you.   SaaS Benefits:

  • Avoid large capital investments in infrastructure and staffing
  • Minimize risk of launching complex business applications
  • Reduce financial risks by aligning cost with revenue
  • 24/7 monitoring and support by expert technicians
IT Infrastructure
Business IT Consulting

 Network Security

Security concerns have never been higher than in recent months.  In addition to protecting you and your staff, we also protect your data. From virus and malware protection to email security and encryption, JFG helps you safeguard your data, and your business.

Security Points:  Malware & Botnet/Phishing Protection  •  Web Filtering  •  Email Threat Protection


Back-up & Disaster Recovery (BDR)

JFG is committed to helping you ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster or data loss – the stakes are simply too high to ignore when preparation and planning can safeguard your business success.

Your Plan will Include:
• Complete Disaster Recovery Planning and Documentation
• Disaster Plan Verification and Testing
• Regular Plan Updates



IT Infrastructure
Business IT Consulting

VoIP Phone Services

VoIP gives you additional flexibility and state of the art features — often at a reduced cost.  Voice over IP (VoIP) offers feature-rich advantages:

  • Save 30% to 70% in phone system costs and charges.
  • Be completely mobile. You can take your office phone with you!
  • Voicemail, Caller ID, Conferencing, Call Forwarding, Call Queuing, Follow-Me.
  • Multiple site calling is handled seamlessly.
  • Voicemail to email included.



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