Why You Need To Run Data Backup Testing

When it comes to safeguarding your most valuable data, routine backups are a must. However, if you never test them, you can’t rely on your backups to be there for you when you need them the most. Depending on the circumstances of future data disasters, you could lose anything from a single file to your entire system. Your backups are only as good as your restoration, and your restoration is only as good as the storage media being used.

Many companies have implemented a local backup system, and that’s a good start. Automated backups and testing are always best, since relying on manual backups in a busy office is a recipe for disaster. Employees frequently have so many other responsibilities that regular backups are never completed. Storage media can wear out or run out of space, leaving you without a complete backup in the event of a crash. Furthermore, your data is also vulnerable to the risks of a natural disaster or theft.

Hiring an outside IT company, like JFG, to perform online backup takes your data off-site, protects it from natural disasters and theft, and provides the convenience of automated backups. Your data is encrypted and stored in a secure location, eliminating the need for physical tape or drive exchange. These remote backups take all of the headaches and responsibility for backing up data off the shoulders of your employees. With JFG, online backups are tested nightly to ensure that files can be successfully restored.

If you never test your backup restoration process, you run the risk of permanent data loss at the worst possible time. The only thing worse than having no backup at all is having a backup that doesn’t work when you need it. Don’t take that risk. JFG ensures the integrity of your backups by running tests regularly. To learn more, call us at 910-378-3868.