Three Benefits of SaaS

Software as a service (SaaS) is a licensing and distribution model that provides centrally-hosted software on a subscription basis. Accessed by users over the Internet via a web browser, this approach breaks with the traditional software model of buying, building, and maintaining IT infrastructure in-house. More and more companies are opting for SaaS solutions, and there are three advantages powering this trend:

Lower Costs. SaaS can be a particularly good option for small businesses, since it provides access to expensive, capable software that might otherwise be unobtainable through traditional purchasing methods. The subscription model minimizes your initial expenses by eliminating license fees, and remote management of the IT infrastructure translates into lower IT costs for hardware, software, and personnel. Pay-as-you-go models allow you to buy just what you need, avoiding the unnecessary expense of unused licensing. SaaS eliminates the need to purchase and install upgrades, while maximizing your control over software costs.

Painless Installation And Upgrades. Applications are pre-installed and ready to use, simplifying software deployment. With traditional software installations, updates can require a large time investment. Since the SaaS provider handles all updates and upgrades for you, there are no patches to download and install. Version discrepancies between various installations of locally installed software can lead to compatibility issues and wasted time for members of your team. SaaS eliminates this problem, since everyone has access to the same software version, up-to-date and ready to use.

Available And Scalable. SaaS providers understand the importance of hosting applications properly. They stake their entire reputation on up-time and security, since failures in either area will encourage clients to migrate to a more reliable provider. As a whole, SaaS has a commendable up-time performance against in-house solutions. Generally, you should be looking for providers with application availability above 99.95%, and a data availability above 99.99%. The web platform allows applications to be utilized by multiple people from any location, making SaaS an ideal solution for remote teams. Since the software is hosted remotely, changing your usage plan is easy and doesn’t require advance notice. This allows for unlimited scalability, eliminating the need for customers to add hardware or software as their user base expands.

The popularity of SaaS has seen tremendous growth, as businesses continue to embrace the cloud as the future of computing. Enjoy the convenience of painless installation and updates, scalability, and cost savings with SaaS solutions.