Technology changes and improves at an unprecedented rate. Seemingly every day, a new software, app, or device is released. Updates are sometimes released by the hour. With such a rapid rate of change, most businesses struggle to keep up on their own. It’s also difficult to determine which new technologies a business should adopt for its success. A strong, external IT team helps tremendously. Here are 4 key benefits you’ll enjoy from using an external IT team, like JFG, to manage your company’s tech.

Smarter Decisions

It’s no secret technology and security updates are important. But there are times that you need to evaluate new tech products or software solutions for your company. Upgrading systems or operations is an investment. Which new products are worth investing in? And which products introduce new security risks? An external IT department can provide analysis and help inform your decisions to ensure your choices are the best fit your company’s needs and goals. 


Instead of adding IT personnel to your payroll, leverage an entire outsourced IT team. You’ll have wider expertise available to benefit your company without adding more payroll liabilities to your overhead. As your company grows and changes over time, you can modify your suite of services to ensure your company is well-supported, secure, and operating, and at peak efficiency. 

A Wider Skill Portfolio

Using a Managed Service Provider means accessing gives you access to a full team of knowledgeable experts for all of your IT needs. All of these different skillsets bring value to the processes and security needs of your company’s technology portfolio.  Rather than one “IT Guy” you’ve got a team with expertise in a variety of subject matter areas to help you implement technology solutions and resolve problems for your company. 

Laser Focus

With the many devices, programs, and services your business must juggle, when things go wrong, all havoc breaks loose. An external IT department monitors all of these closely, as it is their primary function. This laser-focus means technology and security never are pushed to the “back burner” and let slide. When you have questions or face an issue, our team is fully ready to provide you with information and assistance.  We’ve got you covered.