JFG is Eastern North Carolina’s local expert for Security Awareness Training for small businesses. Security Awareness Training teaches employees about cyber security and phishing and how to keep their data safe.  It also promotes best practices and good habits.

 This type of training is more important now than ever. Everyone receives phishing emails on a daily basis on personal and work emails. Even the best cybersecurity algorithms can’t filter out all phishing emails. These are serious threats to an organization if employees aren’t trained properly in how to handle them. Hackers are expanding and evolving their strategies every day, making it easier for them to sneak into your employees’ inboxes.

 Once a phishing email link is clicked, hackers get access to your company’s system almost instantly. Security Awareness Training will give your team the resources and practice they need to assess any suspicious email quickly to determine whether an email is phishing or not.

 This critical training addresses the human element to ensure your users are prepared where technology solutions may fall short. By teaching your team effective habits to keep their computers and information safe, with the help of firewalls and other cybersecurity measures, you will see a reduction in phishing email clicks.

 Other benefits of Security Awareness Training are:

 Positive Security Culture

There are four main things you can do to contribute to a healthy security culture: Train Everyone, Expect Mistakes, Set Goals, and Don’t Punish Mistakes. By offering security awareness training to your employees and following these guidelines, you will attain a positive security-aware culture that is FAR more effective than using fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


While it shouldn’t be the goal of Security Awareness Training, compliance is often a byproduct of it. Some compliance regulations that already require security awareness training include: PCI, DSS, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002, FISMA, GDPR, and many other privacy laws and many insurance companies.

Avoiding Downtime

Cyber-attacks cause a lot of downtime.  If you are hit with something like ransomware, your files will be encrypted, and many business functions will be shut down completely.

Our Security Awareness Training is brief, boosts morale, and strengthens your security awareness culture. This can help prevent a crisis that shuts your business operations down.

 Are you ready to get started with Security Awareness Training? JFG is here to help. Contact us today to kickstart cybersecurity best practices and procedures for your business.