SaaS – What is it & Why You Need it

We have witnessed numerous technology trends in recent years, but perhaps none more impressive than the growth of software as a service (SaaS). Traditional desktop software installations are now giving way to hosted and managed applications, and recent changes to Microsoft Office exemplify this shift. An Office 365 subscription gives users cross-platform access to Microsoft Office apps via a web browser, eliminating the need for local software installations. Hosted applications, such as Office 365, offer many advantages such as:

Easy setup. With SaaS, your cloud vendor installs, configures, and manages the software for you. Eliminating the need to install and configure software on every device you own allows you to quickly implement your new software solution. The weeks or months that may be required for traditional software installation can be reduced to hours or days with the SaaS model, dramatically increasing your productivity.

Low startup costs. Building your own in-house software solution or locally installing applications on multiple machines typically involves high startup costs. Conversely, SaaS allows your company to minimize upfront expenses, since you’re essentially “renting” the software rather than buying it outright. This pay-as-you-go model ensures that you’ll only spend money on the software you actually need – resulting in predictable monthly expenses and more accurate budgeting.

Scalability. While traditional hardware upgrades are expensive and often difficult, SaaS services are easily and rapidly scalable. You can simply add or remove workstations from your subscription as your business needs change. This flexibility is particularly valuable for those companies experiencing rapid, unexpected growth – or seasonal businesses needing to employ contract workers to meet short-term spikes in demand.

Low maintenance. With locally installed software, all maintenance hassles fall squarely on your shoulders. Software upgrades frequently result in employee downtime, and version discrepancies between workstations can lead to compatibility issues and wasted time. Conversely, SaaS providers keep their software current—with frequent updates and patches—and all users will always be on the same version. Many providers have redundant software installations located in multiple geographic regions, offering additional security and peace of mind.

Flexibility. SaaS is the ideal solution for a mobile workforce. Employees can access the software they need from anywhere, giving them the freedom to work wherever and whenever they wish. Since everything is stored in the cloud, users can shift seamlessly between multiple web-connected devices. While a traditional software license is tied to a specific machine, SaaS subscriptions typically allow users to access the service from any number of devices. Whether your employees work from an office, their homes, or multiple locations, SaaS gives them 24-hour access to everything they need.


The popularity of SaaS is exploding – and with all the advantages it offers, it’s easy to see why. Harness the power of the cloud, and discover how your business can benefit from software as a service. For more information on how JFG’s SaaS can help your company, call 910-378-3868.