"It can't hurt to click" [WRONG]

The Threat

Malware has evolved. In the past, you would see malware infecting users when visiting certain sites. It then moved to sending emails with alarming titles. Some even stating “you’ve been hacked” or “your account has been compromised.” Sort of ironic. These emails are very convincing, sometimes fooling even the most cautious.

 Today, the big push is sending text notifications directly to your cell phone. These texts contain messages stating seemingly urgent information in hopes it will prompt you to click without thinking. Sadly, it is possible to infect your device by just clicking one bad link.



 Here is the tricky part. Occasionally, the emails or texts appear to be from a trusted source such as your bank, local power company or your bank.  They may state there is an issue with your account, you owe payment, or your account has been compromised. Again, do not click from your email or phone. Go to the known web address, sign into your account through the secure login, and once there, you will most likely discover nothing is wrong with your account.

 Another frequent scam is receiving texts that a delivery service has missed you and you must click the link sent to find your package. In the day and age where online shopping is at its highest point in popularity, it’s a pretty good bet that you have ordered something from an online source, and this may apply to you. Know this, Fedex, UPS or USPS will NOT send you a text message about a missing package. They leave notices on your door, mail you through snail mail, and occasionally will email (if you signed up for notifications and tracking). Never, ever click on a link that is sent to you from an unknown source or questionable source. If you are worried about a package, go to the site you ordered it from and check the status of your order or track shipping from there.

 The bottom-line is don’t get “click happy”. If something comes to you that is urgent or alarming, stop, don’t click, check the facts from a secure source instead.