Cloud technology creates on-demand storage options that free-up space on your hard drives and offer unprecedented speed and accessibility benefits to your business. 

When storing your data, photos, and information in the cloud, you’re creating a virtual database that is accessible from virtually anywhere. This means your team can access files from a phone, tablet, or computer, even when they aren’t in the office. This makes working in the office or from a remote location easy. It also makes collaborating more seamless than ever — instead of emailing a file back and forth, you can work together in real-time on the same document.

Cloud computing is also beneficial for your business long term. Cloud solutions are scalable, meaning you can increase or decrease your storage space depending on your current needs as your business evolves. 

Using the cloud also enables better backups of your information, whether it’s receipts or notes, or everything on your desktop or local server. Utilizing the cloud to its fullest potential with JFG helps ensure your data is secure, easy to access, and quick to restore in the event of a failed device or other disaster events. 

Of course, when investing in the latest business technology, it is also important to invest in appropriate security measures for your business. As technology changes, security threats evolve at the same pace. Data breaches are expensive, so protect your business by partnering with JFG to keep your data and devices protected.