Did you know that April 5th is National Flash Drive Day? It commemorates the day in 2000 when the US issued the patent for the USB drive.

Flash drives were a game changer in the tech industry, and are still useful to this day, even with newer cloud-based options on the market. They can be great to use to show presentations or share company information, but it’s important to remember to think of the cybersecurity risks when using flash drives.

Though they might be tempting, don’t use the free flash drives passed out at events or suspiciously affordable ones from brands you’ve never heard of. Flash drives can come with malware and trojan horses that can steal important information about you and your company just by being plugged in!

 Make sure to keep your computer’s software up to date, too. If you accidentally use a flash drive that contains malware, updated software, and anti-virus protection can keep your information safe and your computer healthy.

 Another good practice with flash drives is to protect your information should it end up in the wrong hands. Keep only the necessary files stored on your flash drive and encrypt any sensitive information if possible. You can even purchase a secure flash drive that has a fingerprint reader or built-in encryption!

 If you have any more questions about flash drives, don’t be afraid to give us a call! These devices are common and can be useful if correctly utilized, so it’s important to know how to keep your information safe when using a flash drive.