Common Tech Mishaps

Small Business. Big Tech Issues. 

Being a small business owner or an entrepreneur, you have plenty of irons in the fire!  Sometimes things may fall by the wayside.  Unfortunately, some small businesses neglect basic technical issues that can result in weeks of issues that may well have been prevented.  Don’t get caught in these tech traps! Be proactive today.

Backed up on Backup

Skimping on backup solutions can be catastrophic for a business.  Restoring lost data can cost thousands of dollars and countless man hours.  Professionally managed backup and disaster recovery services from JFG offer secure, cloud-based backup solutions for businesses to ensure that even in the case of a catastrophic local event, your company’s critical data is not lost. JFG ensures backups are incremental, frequent and automatic.  This gives you reliable data to restore from in the event of a hardware failure or disaster.

Foregoing Appropriate Tech

Small businesses may need to find ways to “trim the fat” and be fiscally efficient as possible.  At times it can be tempting to cut corners on technology tools and software to save expense.  But cutting this corner can cost you more.  Choosing inferior tools to perform operational and administrative tasks hurts your business down the road.  While you don’t want unnecessary expense now, your employees can only perform to the efficiency of the tools at hand for the life of the tools you buy.  That can mean reduced efficiency and other challenges for years.  At JFG, we consult our clients on their needs for today and anticipated needs for the future.  This can include network infrastructure, work stations, industry or office software, phone systems, and more.  We tailor plans for technology and equipment to your company’s needs and services.

Skimping on System Security

In our day a majority of business transactions occur over the internet.  Small business may keep their customer records, employee records, accounting and other information in databases on site (at their business location).  Records of transactions, client names, project notes, employees birthdays and more can all be infected or lost to ransomware, a Trojan horse, or hacker.  Many small businesses could not recoup from this level of security breach and loss.  Security is just as important as a good data backup.  It’s the first line of defense for your business.  JFG proactively monitors your network, backups and security.  We work with teams to train employees in best security practices and help you implement security policies that safeguard your data.

Not Outsourcing IT Services

As small businesses grow and mature, their needs and services become greater.  Business owners and managers often find themselves challenged to manage technical and security demands that have exceeded their training and experience.  Hiring an in-house IT manager can be too great of an expense and limits your expertise to one person’s knowledge and experience.  Or worse yet, IT security, updates and management are neglected.

When you outsource IT support to JFG, you are empowered with a team’s dynamic knowledge and experience.  You know your services are regularly managed and a plan is in place for scalable growth and changes when you need them.  Our team can help you navigate technological needs that arise in your business.

In business, being unprepared can cost you more than a night’s sleep.  Investing in IT management is one way to ensure your company is secure as it grows.