We regularly clean our closets, desks, and pantries to make life easier for ourselves, but most people don’t think about cleaning out their computers. Did you know that cleaning out your computer can help it run more smoothly? It will also increase the life of your device, and help keep everything stored on it intact. 

Just like humans, when computers have a lot on their plate, it can overwhelm them. Cleaning up your files and programs can help your computer run faster and make what you need easier to find. 

Your computer should always have a good backup solution in place. Backing up your computer helps protect your information and files in case your device ever fails or is compromised. This is a good time to make an extra backup on an external hard drive or on the cloud to act as a safety net for important family photos, documents, etc.

For Clean Out Your Computer Day 2023, use this to-do list:

  • Delete duplicate files
  • Remove programs you no longer use
  • Update programs and apps
  • Organize your files
  • Consider moving archived files to the cloud or another device

You can use the same to-do list on tablets or cell phones, too. While we always expect our devices to work seamlessly, sometimes the unthinkable can happen.  Taking care of your computers, tablets, and phones is always a good practice.