Have you ever received a suspicious email? If so, there’s a good chance that you have received a phishing email. Phishing emails are often disguised as emails from larger, reputable companies that include links to get information from you or your employees. 

Hackers behind phishing emails are intelligent and they are always changing their tactics, making it even harder to detect them and protect yourself. Phishing attacks account for 90% of successful cyberattacks.  

Phishing emails now contain links that are polymorphic, meaning they can change quickly, making it harder for spam filters to detect threats. Old links are taken down and each new link has a short lifespan. Because they change constantly, these emails are becoming harder to filter out. This means you need to be vigilant in your security habits!  Don’t click links from emails that are from questionable senders! 

There is also now the threat of Phishing as a Service (PaaS), where hackers are available for hire to anyone who would like to hack or gain information. Criminals can now pay for expert hackers to do the complicated work for them.  

With this evolution of phishing, the likelihood of you and your employees receiving spam emails is very high, even with a robust spam filter.  

To combat this, JFG is now offering a service to help train your employees to detect phishing emails and protect your company.  Our team will conduct training for your team on detecting signs of suspicious emails and links.  After the training is completed, our team will send a few fake phishing emails at an unexpected date.  This testing gauges if your employees retained the training information and are applying security practices correctly.

It’s essential for your whole team to keep a sharp eye out for malicious emails, as they can pose serious threats to your business’s cybersecurity. Can your employees pass the phishing test?