Technological advancements are nonstop across the entire tech industry. New phones are released each with better features than before. Self-driving cars with unparalleled security functions are being developed. Every year, artificial intelligence makes massive strides in advancement, and 2022 has been no different. 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to machines or systems that can perceive, synthesize and infer information, in a manner similar to an animal or human. 

Like most technology, advancements come with both pros and cons.

Better AI takes on many different forms. Some AI helps the workforce by predicting patterns or trends, like providing predictive maintenance in machinery — letting teams know in advance which machines need servicing before they become a problem. AI can also help with autonomous travel or other functions. For example, Teslas have an autopilot mode enabled by AI. Robots can function as servers at restaurants using AI. 

In a less mechanical sense, artificial intelligence also brings good to the world through creative applications. AI can create images, music, and more with just a few words or cues. AI-generated art is almost instantaneously delivered, much faster than a human could ever dream of creating a photo, painting, or song. 

AI can also be helpful in cybersecurity. By analyzing network traffic, AI and smart algorithms can detect patterns that indicate threats to a system’s security.  

Cybercriminals stay up-to-date on the latest technology, too. Hackers can use AI to analyze software and computer systems to find weaknesses. Using this AI-generated information, they can gain access to systems or data. With stolen information and publicly available information, AI can gather from sources like social media, cybercriminals can create phishing emails that are harder to detect.

Advancements in AI are a double-edged sword. While helping to solve some problems, these strides in artificial intelligence are also creating new challenges. Because advancements are constant, it’s important to keep your technology and employees up-to-date in features and cybersecurity best practices.  

The team at JFG can help your business determine what technology you may need to upgrade and train your team in cybersecurity best practices. This will help you enjoy the benefits of AI developments and protect your business at the same time.