Adopt the "Cloud"

Business Benefits

Moving to the “Cloud” is smart, safe and cost effect for businesses of all sizes. Some benefits of moving to the cloud include:

  • cost efficiency – businesses benefit from predictable monthly costs and lower operational expenses
  • scalability – flexibility to scale up or down according to business needs
  • added protection – backup and recovery solutions are integrated
  • flexibility of work practices – access documents and data remotely
  • fully managed – JFG’s 24/7 management and support
  • automatic updates – system and software updates are seamless and automated


Cloud Implementation

Regardless of how large or small the business, transitioning from an on-premise solution to cloud-based IT services requires planning and coordination. Missteps can be costly and time consuming. At JFG, we utilize a detailed, prescriptive approach; thus, streamlining the process, accelerating time to value and reducing risk for your business.


When adopting cloud services, bring your key stakeholders together for strategic conversations to ensure your team understands what’s taking place and why.  This helps departments and team members understand the long-term benefits and how transitions will impact them.  Key stakeholders may include executives, department leaders, in-house technology personnel, finance or other operations managers.


$$ < Risk

The cost of migrating to the cloud is less than the risk of retaining and managing on-premise solutions.  For example, cloud solutions automate backups and retentions.  This means your business can be up and running in a matter of hours after an emergency or system failure.  If you’re relying on internal systems and manual backups, restoring can take days – and sometimes is not possible at all.


Increased efficiency and other benefits of cloud implementation are clearly paying off for US businesses.  According to the Mimecast Cloud Computing Adoption Survey, “70 percent of companies already using cloud computing solutions are planning on moving additional applications to the cloud.”


If you’d like to know how cloud computing can benefit your business operations, contact us.  It may be time to jumpstart your journey to the cloud!