Spring Cleaning: When to Update Old Technology

Holding onto the same technology in your office for years because it’s what you know and love might not be the smartest business decision. Old technology could be costing your company more than you realize.

If your employees are constantly dealing with computer issues – system crashes, inability to handle system updates – it’s a big sign that it’s time for an upgrade. Continuous malfunctions will cause slower productivity from employees. It might also lower the overall moral of the office; when technology doesn’t work properly, people get frustrated. When errors occur regularly, frustration levels remain high and begin to impact employee work.

If your business is growing it’s a good time to consider upgrades. If you’re welcoming new employees or a new department, adding another printer, or more bandwidth for faster internet would be in the business’ best interest. You don’t want to add new employees or a new department and not have the technology in the office to support them.

Companies whose employee’s roles are shifting need to consider updates as well. If more employees are working remotely/traveling for work, it would be in the company’s best interest to invest in laptops or tablets for employees. Updating your network security would also be necessary if your employees are working remotely. They will need access to the network data while ensuring the security of the data.

There are countless reasons to upgrade the technology in your office. If you are considering an office upgrade, or are trying to determine if an upgrade is needed, contact JFG and one of our qualified employees will be happy to help. Contact us online at https://www.jfg-nc.com/contact/ or call us at 910-378-3868.