5 Ways SaaS Data is Lost

Since the introduction of cloud storage solutions business has reported increased productivity and collaboration as well as given employees more freedom to work from anywhere. Whether a company uses the cloud to manage emails and contacts or calendars and documents it is clear to see that the cloud is here to stay. However with all of this data floating out there, it makes one wonder. How safe is cloud stored data?

In a 2013 study by the Aberdeen Group, it was revealed that 32% of companies uses Software as a Service (SaaS) have reported data loss. Most cloud solution providers have made good on their promise of large servers and exceptional uptime, many are lacking in the comprehensive backup. Here ae the five ways SaaS data gets lost:


1. User Error: 64%

Everyone makes mistakes. In fact 2 out of 3 cases of data loss involve accidental deletion. It is easy to overwrite a document or delete an email before realizing you may need it again. Most major SaaS providers are spotty at best when it comes to data retention. You best safety net is a solid data backup plan.


2. Hackers: 10%

Even if there was a way to completely eliminate human error, there is still a significant chance that your data could be stolen by an outsider. Although most data is heavily encrypted in transit and while in storage, all it takes is a hacker stealing one person’s access credentials to put your entire cloud solution at risk.


3. Closed Accounts: 10%

A company’s employee roster can change as often as the tide. So what happens to the data that employee stored on their SaaS account? Once the account for that employee has be deleted, your access to that data is gone as well. Backing up your SaaS data is the only way to be sure you have access to any data stored by a previous employee long after that employee is gone.


4. Malicious Deletion: 7%

Hackers aren’t the only ones that can spitefully delete your data. Disgruntled employees, past or present, can easily log into the company SaaS system and remove customer contact info, data, emails, documents and more. And without a regular back up of each employee’s data, once that trash can or recycle bin is empty all that data is gone.


5. Third-party Software: 7%

Improper data migration procedures by third party software can be a serious risk for your SaaS data. With such a wide range of systems for storing emails, contacts and documents across various devices, a data overwrite is incredibly easy. Have a regular, automated backups can protect your data in case of overwrite or deletion by rough software.

With nearly a third of companies having lost information stored in the cloud, a back solution is imperative to ensure the security and integrity of your data.  Be sure your back up is secure, searchable, and recoverable.