3 Powerful Proactive Monitoring Benefits For Your Business

As every business owner knows, an investment in technology is an investment in your future. When equipment availability and performance are lacking, your business will suffer. You’ll get the most out of your equipment when it is being actively monitored and maintained. Here are three major benefits of proactive monitoring:


  1. Boost productivity. Critical equipment issues rarely develop overnight – most problems display warning signs of some sort first. Unmonitored failed backups, antivirus systems that are no longer updating, or hard drives failing in a drive array are all common examples of small problems that can readily develop into a crisis if left unchecked. This leads to extended downtime and service interruptions, until a solution is found to get the system back online. Early detection permits IT professionals to isolate hardware and software that is causing network difficulties, leading to more rapid response times and reducing the amount of time machines are left inoperable. In addition to avoiding disaster, daily performance can also be improved, by performing upgrades to outdated or inadequate equipment before productivity suffers.


  1. Increase reliability. Restoring vital equipment to full functionality is far easier when proactive monitoring catches the problem early – before damage spreads throughout the entire network, negatively impacting its reliability. By identifying and correcting small problems quickly, before they have a chance to develop into a crisis, equipment reliability can be dramatically improved. Network downtime can be a nightmare for your business, but with real-time monitoring it’s possible to resolve issues before you’re even aware that they exist.


  1. Avoid expensive breakdowns. IT professionals don’t have to wait for users to report problems before developing a strategy to address the issues. Instead, the constant monitoring of a system actively looks for issues to solve before they get out of control. If problems go unchecked until they turn into a crisis, the resulting expense to rectify the issue can be a tough pill to swallow, especially after suffering through whatever downtime was just experienced. There is no way to properly budget for unpredictable, reactive IT expenses. Quickly determining the root cause of any network issue reduces diagnostic time from hours to minutes, resulting in a substantial cost savings.

At one time, the monitoring of network assets was reserved for very large organizations, but today it is an essential practice for organizations both large and small. Save money, improve the productivity of your team, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a more reliable infrastructure with proactive monitoring.